Recognized as the “King of fruits”, mango is undoubtedly the most delicious gift from nature. Its sweet and juicy taste has no comparison. In fact, it is the most loved fruit in the whole world.

Overall, there are hundreds of varieties of mangoes around the world. Each variety is unique on its own. It’s hard to rank some types of mangoes at the top, knowing the fact that there are so many mango types that deserve to be positioned first.

Let’s explore the top varieties of mangos with their unique qualities from different countries around the world.


Miyazaki mango



Here are the ten varieties of mangos that are regarded as the best because of their special features.


10. Honey Gold (Australia)

‘Honey Gold’ mango is an Australian variety of mango, best known for its non-fibrous flesh and delightful sweet taste. Actually, this variety is a breed of yet another popular Australian variety i.e Kensington Pride mango.

Honey Gold is a nearly round-shaped, medium to large size mango. The skin colour of this mango resembles that of an apricot. The bright yellow-orange, glossy skin protects the orange-coloured, firmed, fiberless, juicy flesh. In fact, the best feature of this fruit is that it has a long shelf life. The peak availability of this kind of mango in Australia is from November to March.


Australian mango- Honey gold
HONEY GOLD MANGO (Image source: freshplaza.com )


9. Nam Dok Mai (Thailand)

The ‘Nam Dok Mai’ is a variety of mango from Thailand. The name ‘Nam Dok Mia’ translates as ‘Sweet Juice of a Flower’.Therefore, some locals say that the fragrance of this mango variety resembles that of daffodils.

This fruit is Large in size, having an elongated shape with a sharp end. Normally the skin colour of Nam Dok Mai is golden-yellow with small green spots which makes it eye-catching as compared to other mango varieties in Thailand. It is the Sweetest mango in Thailand with a pleasant fragrance and fewer fibres.

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Nam Dok Mai: Thailand
NAM DOK MAI MANGO (Image source: Adobe Stock) 


8. St. Julian/ Julie (Jamaica, Caribbean)

Julie mango is also known as st. Julian mango. It is a popular variety of mango from Jamaica. This super-juicy fruit is recognized for its extraordinary flavour. As a matter of fact, Julie is the parent of several Florida varieties of mango.

Julie is an oval-shaped, dwarf, mango type weighing less than a pound. Its shape is a bit unusual i.e it is round but one of its sides is flat. The orange-coloured, non-fibrous, and super-juicy flesh is protected by green colour skin with crimson tinges. It is not very pretty or colourful, but it is appreciated for its great texture and rich flavour.


Julie mango from carribean
JULIE MANGO (Image source: Unsplash)


7. Tommy Atkins (Florida, US)

Tommy Atkins is a Florida variety of mango, popular throughout the United States. While this variety is not the best one in terms of flavour and sweetness, it is appreciated for its visual attractiveness, excessive production, and long shelf-life. This kind of mango is very popular and the most commonly cultivated mango in Florida and other parts of the United States.

Tommy Atkins mango is an oval-shaped, medium to large size mango. Its thick, green skin is always painted with dark red colour with orange or yellow tinges. The orange-yellow flesh of the fruit is firm and juicy. In addition, it contains some fibres and it tastes moderately sweet.

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Tommy Atkins: Florida variety of mango
TOMMY ATKINS MANGO (Image source: louiesnursery.com)


6. Ataulfo Mango (Mexico)

The Ataulfo mango is also known as ‘Adaulfo’, ‘Champagne’, and ‘honey mango’. It is a creamy, sweet, golden-yellow variety of mango from Mexico. The shape of this mango is oblong and its golden-yellow skin gets wrinkled when the fruit ripens. There is a thin pit (seed) in the middle of the fruit which is surrounded by deep yellow flesh. The firm texture of the flesh has almost negligible fibre and is rich in sugars.

Actually, the Ataulfo mango is a successor of the Philippine mango cultivar. These mangoes came to Mexico from the Philippines in the late 1770s through trade. This mango is a major crop of Mexico. Further, in the 1990’s it gained attention in the United States and became the second-most popular mango after Tommy Atkins.


Mexican variety of mango- Ataulfo Mango
ATAULFO MANGO (Image source: iStock)


5. Diamond Mango (Myanmar)

Known as Sein Ta Lone mango in Myanmar, it is translated as “diamond mango”. This is the best variety of mango from Myanmar and a popular export due to its wonderful flavour and fragrance.

Myanmar mangoes or Diamond mangoes are oval-shaped, orange-yellow mangoes, best known for their non-fibrous flesh. Moreover, it has a small, flat seed/pit surrounded by sweet, juicy flesh with a hint of sourness.


Myanmar mango variety- Sein Ta Lone


4. Philippine Mango/Carabao (Philippines)

The Philippine Mango, also known as Manila Mango, Carabao/Kalabaw, or Champagne mango, is the sweetest variety of mango from the Philippines. This variety is famed internationally due to its exceptional sweet taste. The heavenly sweet taste of this type of mango prompted it to set a world record in 1995 (Guinness Book of World Record).

Philippine/Carabao mangoes are soft, juicy, and kidney-shaped mangoes with very little fibre. When raw, they are green and sour, but once they ripen,  their colour turns orange-yellow and its sweetness can be felt even in smell.

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Carabao: The best variety of mango from Philippines


3. Chausa/Chaunsa (Pakistan)

‘Chaunsa’ or ‘Chausa’ is the famous variety of mango which is cultivated mostly in Pakistan as well as in some parts of India. Actually, this variety was introduced by a Muslim warrior ‘ Sher Shah Suri’, after defeating the Mughul  Emperor ‘Humayun’, at a place called “Chausa”. He named his favourite mango type after the name of his victory place.

Today Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of chaunsa mango. Surely, Multan and Rahim Yar Khan are the two major ‘Chaunsa’ producing cities in Punjab, Pakistan.

Chaunsa Mango is popular for its exceptionally sweet taste, pulpy texture, and appealing fragrance. The soft, fiberless flesh of the fruit is surrounded by thick yellow colour skin. Above all, the flesh of the ripe, fresh Chaunsa mango is very juicy.


Chaunsa: Pakistani variety of mango


2. Alphonso (India)

Often regarded as the “King of Mangos”, Alphonso is the best rated and one of the most exported types of mangoes from India. It is an expensive variety due to its finest texture and great flavour. On top of that, it is very short seasoned i.e only available between mid-April till the end of June.

Unlike many varieties of mangos, this variety is non-fibrous with a juicy sweet taste and creamy texture. It’s oval in shape. The colour of the young Alphonso fruit is green, but once it ripens the peel turns golden-yellow with a reddish touch at top of the fruit.

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The king of mangos- Alponso

1. Miyazaki mango (Japan)

Miyazaki mango is the world’s most expensive variety of mango. This mango is named after a Japanese city, ‘Miyazaki’  where it was grown first. This kind of mango is also known as “sun egg mango” or “purple mango”.

The harvest season for Miyazaki mango is between April and August. The skin colour of this mango is dark purple whereas the flesh is bright yellow in colour. Its flavour is extremely sweet and juicy. It is expensive because of its low production and high demands. On top of that, it needs a lot of care, especially during its harvest time. When the fruit starts ripening, the ‘net harvest method is used, in which each mango is wrapped in a net, so that it will fall naturally in the net. Only a kilogram of this mango variety is sold for thousands of dollars in the international market.


An expensive variety of mango- Miyazaki mango



To sum up the whole topic, we learned about the ten best varieties of mangoes from ten different countries around the world. Every kind of mango has its own special features, but the most common features among all of them are the delicious sweet flavour, strong and pleasant aroma, and the firm, non-fibrous texture of the mango flesh.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the best mango varieties from different regions all over the world.

My personal favourite is Chaunsa mango. Do let me know about your favourite one in the comments section.




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