5 Mango Benefits for skin: How Mango can Enhance the Beauty of your skin

The best thing about summer is Mangoes! True that! Recognized as the “the king” in the kingdom of fruits, mango is incomparable in its magical taste. But that’s not all, this celebrated fruit has treasures of healthy nutrients hidden inside it. While these nutrients provide numerous health benefits to the body their advantages can go beyond that. Guess what! The mango benefits are not limited only to your body’s health but they can also enhance your beauty. Well, when it comes to skincare, mango and its products can have magical benefits for your skin.

Let’s see how can mango be beneficial for your skin.

Skin Benefits of Mango


Amazing Mango Benefits for Skin:

Mango is packed with a lot of nutrients. However, it is extremely rich in few vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin A as well as minerals such as potassium, magnesium, copper and folate. Also, it is rich in a polyphenol called mangiferin. All these nutrients in mango play a significant role in protecting and enhancing your skin, which makes this fruit worth adding to your diet and skincare routine.

Following are the potential mango benefits for your skin that you may enjoy if you consume a moderate amount of mangoes in your diet.

Promotes Collagen Production:

Collagen is a structural protein that is responsible for the elasticity of the skin along with its other functions. This protein replaces and restores dead skin cells, prevents wrinkle formation in the skin, and gives your skin its structure. However, collagen needs copper, vitamin C and some other nutrients for its production.

Mango is extremely rich in vitamin C. A cup of mango may provide you with 67% of your daily vitamin C. So the intake of this vitamin from mango may benefit your skin.

May Prevent Acne Breakouts:

One of the reasons for acne breakouts is the lack of vitamin A in the body. In fact, multiple researches have linked acne to the deficiency of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that can fight against acne-causing free radicals and inflammation in the skin. Mango is rich in vitamin A, so consuming it may help prevent acne breakouts and promote healthy skin.

Adding to this, mango also contains magnesium and vitamin C which helps reduce oily skin and inflammation respectively.

May Lessen Sun Damage:

Although the properties of mango against UV rays protection do not work directly, just as sunscreen, it has the potential to reduce the damage caused by UV rays.

The antioxidants in mango suppress the oxidation of the skin cells, thus reducing the sun damage of the skin.

Lowers the Risk of Skin Cancer:

Polyphenols are organic compounds that we get from plant-based foods, and they are loaded with antioxidants. Actually, they are reducing agents that protect the body against oxidative stress (which can lead to cancer).

Mango carries a polyphenol, known as mangiferin that functions as an antioxidant. Studies suggest that mangiferin can lower the risk of certain types of cancer. Moreover, the β-carotene in mango also acts as an antioxidant and according to the skin cancer foundation, it reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Mango face mask for healthy skin


Mango Develops Healthy Skin:

The nutritional content of mango is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which benefit skin health.

For instance;

  • Vitamin A and vitamin C brightens the skin, reduces acne, remove dark spots, promotes collagen production, protects the skin from UV rays, and gives your skin a natural glow.
  • Potassium and vitamin E in mango keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Magnesium and vitamin B6 reduces the sebum on the oily skin, thus preventing the skin from acne breakouts.
  • Copper contains anti-ageing properties, also it is an essential mineral in collagen production, thus leaving the skin elastic and wrinkle-free.
  • The β-carotene in mango helps in protecting the skin against bacterial and toxic infections, free radicals, and even cancer.

Healthy skin with mango fruit



Mango is a great fruit. Its benefits are not limited to the body’s health only but it’s also beneficial for skin health. Consuming mangoes can help reduce acne, sun damage, oily skin, and lowers the risk of skin cancer. It can also help in collagen production which makes the skin elastic and wrinkle-free.


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