How Many Mangoes Should You Eat A Day?

Imagine yourself munching out on a pulpy mango, the flavorful, yummy taste of mango in your mouth, the sweet fruity smell around you, and the juicy yellow pulp dripping down your chin and hands. Enough mouth-watering?  Now let’s talk about this heavenly fruit! How many mangoes to eat in a day? And what is the best time in the day to eat mango?

The popular tropical fruit- mango is loved by many people around the world, which is why it’s called the king of fruits. The tasteful, succulent flavour of this fruit will compel you to eat more and more. Once you eat any one of the best varieties of mango, you won’t be able to stop yourself from wanting more. But what about your health! Is it okay for you to eat so many mangoes a day?

Mouth-watering pulpy mango screaming "eat me!"


How Many Mangoes Are Enough To Eat In A Day?

Mango is a nutritious fruit that can benefit your health if you consume it daily but moderately. There is an old saying that “excess of everything is bad”. So if you eat mangoes more than your body needs, you will definitely suffer the side effects of it.

Generally, consuming 2 – 3 average-size mangoes per day for a normal adult is good. It will boost the body’s immunity, aid the digestive system, keep the heart healthy, help in weight loss, and even regulate the blood sugar level. But it is also rich in natural sugars, so diabetics should control themselves to satisfy their craving to eat only 2 – 3 slices.

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According to the dietary guidelines for Americans, healthy adults are recommended to consume between 5 and 13 servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.  The serving size of mango is equal to  ¾ cup of sliced or diced mangoes which is 70 calories. If you are eating more than three mangos a day, you have to cut out other food from your diet to don’t exceed your calorie limit. Also, consuming all your calories only from mangoes won’t work either because mango is not sufficient in all nutrients. So you may need other food for proper nutrient supply to your body.

Eating moderate amount of mangoes every day is good for health


What is the Best Time to Eat Mango in a Day?

There is no time restriction for eating mangoes. You can take it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also, you can take it as a mid-meal snack. Mango is the best option for a healthy dessert. If you are craving sweets that might be unhealthy, you can substitute that with mango or any mango recipe. But one thing which you should always keep in your mind is that mango is rich in carbohydrates and sugars, so never consume it just after your meal. You can either consume it instead of your meal or some time after your meal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mango fruit is full of nutrients. Consuming 2 – 3 average-size mangos daily are good for health.
  • A mango serving size is equal to 3/4 cup of sliced mangos having 70 calories.
  • The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend daily consumption of 5 – 13 servings of any variety of fruits and vegetables for healthy adults.
  • Mango can be consumed for breakfast, mid-meal, lunch or dinner without any time restriction.
  • Excess of everything is dangerous.
  • Overeating mangoes may cause a harmful impact on the body’s health.
  • Moderation is the key.





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